Claim Worker Pay

How to find how much per hour allocated for all worker

Every second, [ 17/(2^32) * reserve fund ] is allocated for witnesses and workers where reserve fund is how many BTS are currently not distributed (see the source code).

Every hour the total available reserve fund is calculated by finding how many BTS are available to be distributed and how many BTS will be returned to the reserve fund (i.e., “burnt”) during the next maintenance interval.

First find how many BTS have not been distributed:

# get max_supply from
get_object 1.3.0
# get current_supply from
get_object 2.3.0

==> from_initial_reserve = max_supply - current supply of BTS

Then modify it by adding the accumulated fees and witness budget remaining (i.e., 1.5 BTS per block is budgeted, so budget remaining is

1.5 BTS * (number of blocks left in maintenance period+blocks missed by witnesses))

in this maintenance cycle (they will be added to the “reserve fund” permanently at maintenance)

get_object 2.13.*

==> updated reserve fund = from_initial_reserve +  from_accumulated_fees + from_unused_witness_budget

For example:

>>> get_object 2.13.361
get_object 2.13.361
    "id": "2.13.361",
    "time": "2015-10-28T15:00:00",
    "record": {
      "time_since_last_budget": 3600,
      "from_initial_reserve": "106736452914941",
      "from_accumulated_fees": 15824269,
      "from_unused_witness_budget": 2250000,
      "requested_witness_budget": 180000000,
      "total_budget": 1520913100,
      "witness_budget": 180000000,
      "worker_budget": 1340913100,
      "leftover_worker_funds": 0,
      "supply_delta": 1502838831

Then calculate how much is available to be spent on workers and witnesses is:

total_budget = (updated reserve fund)*(time_since_last_budget)*17/(2^32)  #rounded up to the nearest integer

Ok, now to find how much workers will get in this budget period (1 hour), you find the smaller of the available pay AFTER subtracting witness budget from the total_budget OR the worker_budget_per_day/24 from “get_global_properties”


That is how much per hour allocated for all workers. NOW you rank each worker and pay them one hours worth of pay in order or # votes.