libraries - wallet


namespace fc

namespace fc
   void to_variant( const account_multi_index_type& accts, variant& vo, uint32_t max_depth );
   void from_variant( const variant &var, account_multi_index_type &vo, uint32_t max_depth );

namespace graphene - namespace wallet

typedef uint16_t transaction_handle_type;

 * This class takes a variant and turns it into an object
 * of the given type, with the new operator.

object* create_object( const variant& v );



struct plain_keys
   map<public_key_type, string>  keys;
   fc::sha512                    checksum;


struct brain_key_info
   string brain_priv_key;
   string wif_priv_key;
   public_key_type pub_key;


  • Contains the confirmation receipt the sender must give the receiver and the meta data about the receipt that helps the sender identify which receipt is for the receiver and which is for the change address.

struct blind_confirmation
   struct output
          string                          label;
          public_key_type                 pub_key;
          stealth_confirmation::memo_data decrypted_memo;
          stealth_confirmation            confirmation;
          authority                       auth;
          string                          confirmation_receipt;

   signed_transaction     trx;
   vector<output>         outputs;


struct blind_balance
   asset                     amount;
   public_key_type           from; ///< the account this balance came from
   public_key_type           to; ///< the account this balance is logically associated with
   public_key_type           one_time_key; ///< used to derive the authority key and blinding factor
   fc::sha256                blinding_factor;
   fc::ecc::commitment_type  commitment;
   bool                      used = false;


struct blind_receipt
   std::pair<public_key_type,fc::time_point>        from_date()const { return std::make_pair(from_key,date); }
   std::pair<public_key_type,fc::time_point>        to_date()const   { return std::make_pair(to_key,date);   }
   std::tuple<public_key_type,asset_id_type,bool>   to_asset_used()const   { return std::make_tuple(to_key,amount.asset_id,used);   }
   const commitment_type& commitment()const        { return data.commitment; }

   fc::time_point                  date;
   public_key_type                 from_key;
   string                          from_label;
   public_key_type                 to_key;
   string                          to_label;
   asset                           amount;
   string                          memo;
   authority                       control_authority;
   stealth_confirmation::memo_data data;
   bool                            used = false;
   stealth_confirmation            conf;

struct (one line1)

struct by_from;
struct by_to;
struct by_to_asset_used;
struct by_commitment;

typedef: multi_index_container

typedef multi_index_container< blind_receipt,
          ordered_unique< tag<by_commitment>, const_mem_fun< blind_receipt, const commitment_type&, &blind_receipt::commitment > >,
          ordered_unique< tag<by_to>, const_mem_fun< blind_receipt, std::pair<public_key_type,fc::time_point>, &blind_receipt::to_date > >,
          ordered_non_unique< tag<by_to_asset_used>, const_mem_fun< blind_receipt, std::tuple<public_key_type,asset_id_type,bool>, &blind_receipt::to_asset_used > >,
          ordered_unique< tag<by_from>, const_mem_fun< blind_receipt, std::pair<public_key_type,fc::time_point>, &blind_receipt::from_date > >
> blind_receipt_index_type;


struct key_label
   string          label;
   public_key_type key;

struct (one line2)

struct by_label;
struct by_key;

typedef: multi_index_container

typedef multi_index_container<
          ordered_unique< tag<by_label>, member< key_label, string, &key_label::label > >,
          ordered_unique< tag<by_key>, member< key_label, public_key_type, &key_label::key > >
> key_label_index_type;


struct wallet_data
   /** Chain ID this wallet is used with */
   chain_id_type chain_id;
   account_multi_index_type my_accounts;
   /// @return IDs of all accounts in @ref my_accounts
   vector<object_id_type> my_account_ids()const
          vector<object_id_type> ids;
          std::transform(my_accounts.begin(), my_accounts.end(), std::back_inserter(ids),
                                         [](const account_object& ao) { return; });
          return ids;
   /// Add acct to @ref my_accounts, or update it if it is already in @ref my_accounts
   /// @return true if the account was newly inserted; false if it was only updated
   bool update_account(const account_object& acct)
          auto& idx = my_accounts.get<by_id>();
          auto itr = idx.find(acct.get_id());
          if( itr != idx.end() )
                 idx.replace(itr, acct);
                 return false;
          } else {
                 return true;

   /** encrypted keys */
   vector<char>              cipher_keys;

   /** map an account to a set of extra keys that have been imported for that account */
   map<account_id_type, set<public_key_type> >  extra_keys;

   // map of account_name -> base58_private_key for
   //    incomplete account regs
   map<string, vector<string> > pending_account_registrations;
   map<string, string> pending_witness_registrations;

   key_label_index_type                                              labeled_keys;
   blind_receipt_index_type                                          blind_receipts;

   string                    ws_server = "ws://localhost:8090";
   string                    ws_user;
   string                    ws_password;


struct exported_account_keys
        string account_name;
        vector<vector<char>> encrypted_private_keys;
        vector<public_key_type> public_keys;


struct exported_keys
        fc::sha512 password_checksum;
        vector<exported_account_keys> account_keys;


struct approval_delta
   vector<string> active_approvals_to_add;
   vector<string> active_approvals_to_remove;
   vector<string> owner_approvals_to_add;
   vector<string> owner_approvals_to_remove;
   vector<string> key_approvals_to_add;
   vector<string> key_approvals_to_remove;


struct worker_vote_delta
   flat_set<worker_id_type> vote_for;
   flat_set<worker_id_type> vote_against;
   flat_set<worker_id_type> vote_abstain;


struct signed_block_with_info : public signed_block
   signed_block_with_info( const signed_block& block );
   signed_block_with_info( const signed_block_with_info& block ) = default;

   block_id_type block_id;
   public_key_type signing_key;
   vector< transaction_id_type > transaction_ids;


struct vesting_balance_object_with_info : public vesting_balance_object
   vesting_balance_object_with_info( const vesting_balance_object& vbo, fc::time_point_sec now );
   vesting_balance_object_with_info( const vesting_balance_object_with_info& vbo ) = default;

        * How much is allowed to be withdrawn.
   asset allowed_withdraw;

        * The time at which allowed_withdrawal was calculated.
   fc::time_point_sec allowed_withdraw_time;


struct operation_detail {
   string                   memo;
   string                   description;
   operation_history_object op;


struct operation_detail_ex {
        string                   memo;
        string                   description;
        operation_history_object op;
        transaction_id_type      transaction_id;


struct account_history_operation_detail {
   uint32_t                     total_count = 0;
   uint32_t                     result_count = 0;
   vector<operation_detail_ex>  details;



  • A utility class for performing various state-less actions that are related to wallets

class utility {
           * Derive any number of *possible* owner keys from a given brain key.
           * NOTE: These keys may or may not match with the owner keys of any account.
           * This function is merely intended to assist with account or key recovery.
           * @see suggest_brain_key()
           * @param brain_key    Brain key
           * @param number_of_desired_keys  Number of desired keys
           * @return A list of keys that are deterministically derived from the brainkey
          static vector<brain_key_info> derive_owner_keys_from_brain_key(string brain_key, int number_of_desired_keys = 1);

          /** Suggests a safe brain key to use for creating your account.
           * \c create_account_with_brain_key() requires you to specify a 'brain key',
           * a long passphrase that provides enough entropy to generate cyrptographic
           * keys.  This function will suggest a suitably random string that should
           * be easy to write down (and, with effort, memorize).
           * @returns a suggested brain_key
          static brain_key_info suggest_brain_key();


  • This wallet assumes it is connected to the database server with a high-bandwidth, low-latency connection and performs minimal caching. This API could be provided locally to be used by a web interface.

For detail information, please check: graphene::wallet::wallet_api Class Reference