Installed BitShares-Core Directory

In this section, we show you the installed bitshares-core folder structure and explain several points of files in the folder. After we examined the installed folder, we test and run two programs (cli_wallet and witness_node).

Installed Folders and Files

BitShares-Core folder

After the BitShares-Core installation, you would have a bitShares-core folder and other directories and files inside the bitShares-core folder similar like the below. There is a programs folder that includes a cli_wallet program and a witness_node program.


programs folder

In the programs folder, you will find a cli_wallet and a witness_node build folders. Each folder includes a program file.

+ [programs]
   + [build_healpers]
   + [cli_wallet]
   + [CMakeFiles]
   + [delay_node]
   + [genesis_util]
   + [js_operation_serializer]
   + [size_checker]
   + [witness_node ]
   + cmake_install.cmake
   + CMakeList.txt
   + Makefile

cli_wallet folder

  • When you start a cli_wallet, you define a cli_wallet program file with other parameters.

  • A wallet.json files does not exist as a default.

  • When you import or register an account, and if you so not have a wallet.json file yet, the wallet.json file is created and saved with new chain_id and other values. (*See an example output wallet.json )

+ [programs]
   + [cli_wallet]
       + [CMakeFiles]
       + cli_wallet  (*Program file*)
       + main.cpp
       + wallet.json  (*Not exists after the initial installation*)
       + ...

witness_node folder

  • When you start a witness_node, you define the witness_node program file with other parameters.

  • As a default, a witness_node_data_dir does not exist. When you start the witness_node program and if the witness_node_date_dir does not exist, the folder and inside files will be created.

  • The witness_node_date_dir (i.e., database folder) includes a config.ini file. There are parameters you can set values to run the witness_node. We recommend you to examine the configuration items.

+ [programs]
   + [witness_node]
      + [CMakeFiles]
      + [witness_node_data_dir] (*Not exists after the initial installation*)
          + [blockchain]
            + [database]
                               + [block_num_to_block]
            + [object_database]
            + db_version
          + [logs]
             + [default]
             + [p2p]
             + [rpc]
          + [p2p]
             + peers.json
          + config.ini
          + logging.ini
      + witness_node  (*Program file*)
      + main.cpp
      + ...