Cli Wallet and the Connectivity

CLI Client and Wallet


BitShares Architecture

The Nodes are connected to the network and verify all transactions and block produces. The cli_wallet does not offer P2P or blockchain capabilities.

Launching the cli_wallet requires a trusted Full Node to interact with the blockchain. You might use a localhost or own node to connect. Also, you can select one of BitShares Public Full Nodes, or use API Server that runs by businesses or individuals.

When you start the cli_wallet first time, it creates a local wallet.json file that contains the encrypted private keys. The key is required to access the funds and add new data to the blockchain with a signature from a private key.

Example: wallet.json

        "chain_id": "4018d7844c78f6a6c41c6a552b898022310fc5dec06da4222222",
        "my_accounts": [],
        "cipher_keys": "4144454a976266ed15f736df4f5645e60bace86eb87cb5b59b0c8f48b75c6131167807c403a56060528b7dae993de667736d5ab9ef1f60fb340c4aa70437ec7a2534bbdab051b9d2d1871111111",
        "extra_keys": [],
        "pending_account_registrations": [],
        "pending_witness_registrations": [],
        "labeled_keys": [],
        "blind_receipts": [],
        "ws_server": "ws://localhost:8090",
        "ws_user": "",
        "ws_password": ""