Embedded genesis

Compile executable which references a specific genesis state. The full genesis state can be included by linking with egensis_full, or only hashes (chain ID and hash of JSON) can be included by linking with egenesis_brief.

The GRAPHENE_EGENESIS_JSON parameter specifies the genesis.json to be included. Note, you will have to delete your cmake leftovers with

make clean
rm -f CMakeCache.txt
find . -name CMakeFiles | xargs rm -Rf

The embedded data can be accessed by functions in egenesis.hpp.

Note, if your enesis.json contains newlines, you should be aware there are [newline translation issues]( and should keep in mind this advice:

  • If you’re creating a new chain, run your genesis file through before publishing it. It should get rid of line translation issues and has the added benefit of making the file smaller.

  • If you’re creating a new chain, and you want to show a pretty genesis file with newlines and whitespace in your Github, you can create the ugly file by running as part of the build process by editing CMakeLists.txt. If you do this, your build will then depend on having a working Python installation (which is why we don’t do this).

  • If you have an existing chain with a pretty genesis, or want to disregard the above advice and create a new chain with a pretty genesis, and you’re using Git to distribute your genesis file, you should add a .gitattributes file to your repository as discussed here