Exporting Your Wallet

In this tutorial, we will export you wallet including all keys to access your accounts and funds, into a single JSON-formated file. Note that your private keys will be encrypted and you will be required to provide the corresponding pass phrase when importing your funds into BitShares 2.0.

BitShares 1.0 Full Client

Since the snapshot has taken place already, all you need to do now to get access to your funds in BitShares 2.0 is described in the following.

Firstly, you need to upgrade your BitShares client to version 0.9.3c. To do the upgrade you need to:

  • download the installation file from the bitshares webpage

  • uninstall your previous version of the BitShares client

  • install the new version

Synchronize your Wallet


If you see all your funds in your wallet, you can safely skip this paragraph.

We now need to sync with the blockchain. This is only necessary with if you think that since the last time you did the syncing there have been some new transactions involving any of your accounts.

Legacy BitShares 0.9.3 Blockchain Download

You can see the syncing progress from the status bar or from the info command in the console (account list->advanced settings->console). After having synced the blockchain, your wallet will automatically attempt to rescan the blockchain for new transcations. Depending on the amount of accounts in your wallet, this steps should only take very few minutes.

Since BitShares 0.9.3c, we have a Graphene compatible Export Keys function that can be accessed in two ways:

  • by accessing it in the main menu

  • by issuing a command in the console.

Export via the main menu

Just select File Menu -> Export Wallet and you’ll be asked to select a file location where the keys will be exported.


Due to a known bug, if you are on Windows the only option that will work for you is the console command - the file exported using the menu will not be compatible with BTS 2.0. This refers to Windows only.

Export via the console

  • navigate to the console: Account List -> Advanced Settings -> Console

  • type: wallet_export_keys [full path to the file]/[file name].json e.g. on Windows: wallet_export_keys C:\Users\[your user name]\Desktop\keys.json e.g. on Mac: wallet_export_keys /Users/[your user name]/Desktop/keys.json e.g. on Linux: wallet_export_keys /home/[your user name]/Desktop/keys.json

  • Please replace [your user name] with your Windows account name.

  • and hit Enter


The exported wallet file will be encrypted with your pass phrase! Make sure to remember it when trying to use that file again!


If you are on Windows and your file path tries to access the C drive directly (e.g. C:keys.json) you might need to run the BitShares client as an administrator. So the least complicated option will be to aim for the desktop as in the example above.

Export compatible keys from Menu bar


The keys of the web wallet can be exported simply by downloading a backup wallet. It can be obtained from the web wallet’s preferences: (Account List->Advanced Settings->Wallet).

Export compatible keys from Menu bar